I've always enjoyed trains and anything having to do with railroads. Most of the images are scanned from pictures that I took with different film cameras from years ago. Most of the railroads shown are now gone or have been absorbed into other railroads. I have short photo vignettes of the Chicago & North Western, Illinois Central, Louisville & Nashville, the Rock Island, and also a few depot pictures. On the last two pages I traced the old C&NW mainline south out of Boone, Iowa. Here's a list of links to the railroad pages:



Grain elevators are the original "skyscrapers" of the midwest. My favorite ones are the old wooden elevators, but they aren't used very much anymore. Most of them have been replaced with new elevators made of concrete and steel. However, the new elevators lack the character exhibited by the older ones. I guess it's because the old elevators were built of wood that came from trees that were once alive. You can't say that about concrete and steel.

So, I’m trying to photograph the older wooden elevators to preserve a record of them before they’re all torn down. Most of my elevator photos were taken in Iowa, but there are a few from neighboring states as well. My collection is growing, and I'll be adding more pictures as I travel around the midwest. Here's an alphabetical arrangement of links that will help you if you're looking for a particular city: