Adin H. Updike

Adin H. Updike

BORN: March 29, 1833, in Indiana

DIED: June 23, 1895, in Iowa

AGED: 62 years, 2 months, 25 days

BURIED: St. Clair Township Cemetery, Monona County, Iowa


FATHER: Elijah L. Updike born 1791 in Pennsylvania. Died in 1871 in Bloomfield Twp, Polk County, Iowa.

MOTHER: Elizabeth Snook Birth date and location unknown. Died in Linn County, Iowa, in 1864. Buried in the Sisley Grove Cemetery, Linn County, Iowa.


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MARRIAGE: to Jane Thurston date and location unknown


1. Albert N. Updike born November 22, 1858; died April 5, 1934. Buried in the St. Clair Township Cemetery, Monona County, Iowa.

2. Anna H. Updike born October 17, 1863, in Bloomfield Twp., Polk County, Iowa.

3. Mattie Updike born about 1865.

4. Ellen Updike born August 10, 1867.

5. Sidney Grant Updike born about 1869.

6. Rose Alice Updike born May 22, 1872, in Bloomfield Twp, Polk County, Iowa.


Our great grandfather, Adin Updike, was born on March 29, 1833 in Indiana. He shows up in the U.S. Census for 1850 as a young man just 17 years of age.

Ten years later, when the census for 1860 was taken, Adin was living in Clinton Township, Linn County, Iowa. Two other siblings are also listed for the family, but for some reason they hadn't been listed on the census for 1850. While the family was living in Linn County, Adin's mother, Elizabeth, passed away. That was on August 27, 1864, while the Civil War was still in progress. The 1860 census doesn't show Adin as being married. This fact becomes more meaningful when you look at the next census.

The 1870 Census shows that Elijah and Adin had moved again and were living in Bloomfield Township, Polk County, Iowa. By then, Adin had married a woman named Jane Thurston, who was born on July 26, 1832, in Indiana. They are shown as having six children (all born in Iowa), the oldest of whom was Albert, 11 years old. Since the 1860 census doesn't list Jane as Adin's wife, apparently she must have already had the child, or maybe she had been married before. If the latter was the case, then her first husband must have died shortly before Adin was married to her. In any event, the children were listed as follows: Albert - age 11, Anna - age 9, Martin - age 5, Ellen - age 3, and Sidney - age 1. My grandmother, Rose Alice Updike, wasn’t born until May 22, 1872, so she’s not on the census. However, she was born while the family still lived in Polk County. Adin apparently didn't own land, but 1870 census gives his personal property value as $300. Adin's father, Elijah, is also listed as being with them. He apparently owned farmland valued at $1000.

The next U.S. Census was for 1880. By then Elijah had died, and Adin and Jane had moved their family to Charter Oak, in Crawford County, Iowa. Interestingly, in the Crawford County Auditor’s office, I found a farm listed as being owned by the Updikes around that same time. It’s located about a mile outside of Ute, on the north side of Iowa Highway 141, very close to the Monona County line. In the mid-1890s, there was an inheritance lawsuit that included a house owned by Adin in the city of Charter Oak. So Adin apparently owned the farm as well as the house in Charter Oak. In any event, the 1880 census shows all the children are still at home: Albert - age 21, Anna - age 19, Mattie (Martin) - age 16, Ella - age 13, Grant - age 11, and Rose - age 8. Albert is listed as being a farm laborer, while Anna and Mattie are listed as being “at home.” Ellen and Grant are shown as attending school, but not Rose. That’s unusual because by the age of 8, she should have been in school, too.

The next event for Adin must have been hard for him. It was the death of his wife, Jane. She passed away on July 11, 1884. She's buried in the St. Clair Township Cemetery, in Monona County, just north of Ute.

The Iowa Census for 1885 shows Adin and Albert as farmers, while Anna is listed as “keeping house.” Apparently she was looking after Adin and Albert after Jane's death. Ellen isn’t listed under that particular name, but there is a person named Francis E. Updike, and I suspect that’s Ellen. Rose is 12 years old and presumably in school.

There was a fire in the building that housed the U.S. Census for 1890, so there isn't any data available for that time period.

By the time of the Iowa Census of 1895, Adin Updike had passed away. He died on June 23, 1895 and was buried beside Jane in the St. Clair Township Cemetery, just north of Ute, in Monona County. The only ones listed on the census are Grant and Hattie Updike.

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