Christen Larsen

Christen Larsen

BORN: January 27, 1839, in Albaek, Hjorring, Denmark.

DIED: August 1, 1902, in Palo Alto County, Iowa.

AGED: 63 years, 6 months, 5 days

BURIED: St. Paul’s Lutheran Cemetery, Walnut Township, Palo Alto County, Iowa.


FATHER: Lars Christian Christensen

MOTHER: Johanne Sorensdr


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MARRIAGE: to Inger Patrea Peterson on October 26, 1863, in Albaek, Hjorring, Denmark


1. Ane Johanne Larsen born November 27, 1859, in Albaek, Hjorring, Denmark

2. Ane Marie Larsen born April 19, 1861, in Albaek, Hjorring, Denmark

3. Christine Larsen born February 2, 1864, in Albaek, Hjorring, Denmark

4. Larsina Larsen born June 11, 1866, in Albaek, Hjorring, Denmark

5. James Peter Larsen born October 7, 1872, in Sieby, Hjorring, Denmark

6. James Christian Larsen born May 2, 1874, in Sieby, Hjorring, Denmark


Our great grandfather, on my mother's side of the family, was Christen Larsen (also spelled as Larson). As is the case with my great grandfather in the Edwards family, I know next to nothing about him. I do have some facts and information from the census data and other sources, but it really doesn't amount to very much. I do know that Christen Larsen was born on January 27, 1839, in Albaek, Hjorring, Denmark, to Lars Christian Christensen and Johanne Sorensdr. From that time on, however, I have no information until his marriage to Inger Patrea Peterson on October 26, 1863, in Albaek, Hjorring, Denmark. Inger was born on November 25, 1832, in Vor, Hjorring, Denmark. To this marriage, six children were born between the years 1859 and 1874. The next to last was a boy named James Peter Larson, who would become our grandfather.

In 1881, Christen temporarily left his family and came to the United States. He settled in Emmetsburg Township, Palo Alto County, Iowa. On November 19, 1881, he bought just less than 74 acres of farm land from the Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul & Pacific Railroad for $507. The farm was located in Emmetsburg Township, in Section 18. The southern part of the farm was very low land and formed a slough. That marshy area was no good for farming, so the purchase was referred to as a "short 80."

In 1883, Christen's wife and two sons came to the U.S. and joined him on the farm. The Iowa Census for 1895 shows Christen, Inger, Peter, and Chris all living on the family farm. The census gives Inger's name as Heninger. I remember my mother saying that Inger didn't like living in the U.S. She never tried to learn the English language and wouldn't answer the grandchildren unless they spoke to her in Danish. The U.S. Census for 1900 lists Christen and the two boys as being naturalized citizens, but not Inger. The family belonged to the Lutheran church.

On August 1, 1902, Christen Larson died. He's buried in St. Paul's Lutheran Cemetery, in Walnut Township, Palo Alto County, Iowa. His marker stands in the northwest corner of the cemetery.

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