Delia Isabelle Rudd

Delia Isabelle Rudd

BORN: May 20, 1858 in Ute, Monona County, Iowa

DIED: February 28, 1942

AGED: 83 years, 9 months, 8 days

BURIED: Dow City Cemetery, Dow City, Crawford County, Iowa


FATHER: Franklin A. Rudd born in Pennsylvania

MOTHER: Louisa E. Chandler


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MARRIAGE 1: to a man named William Bybee. William Bybee died on December 12, 1908.

CHILDREN: The 1885 Iowa census for Paradise Twp. lists William Bybee, age 38, and Adelia Bybee, age 26, as having two children:

1. Franklin Bybee age 3

2. William Bybee age 2

The U.S. Census for 1900 shows four more children:

3. Asa Bybee born February 1887

4. Charles Bybee born August 1889

5. Oliver Bybee born September 1893

6. Harry Bybee born April 1896

MARRIAGE 2: to John Edwards on April 29, 1913 in Dow City, Crawford County, Iowa.



After Sarah Edwards died on September 24, 1912, John Edwards lived alone for just over seven months. Then, on April 29, 1913, he married a woman named Adelia Isabelle Rudd.

Adelia was born on May 20, 1858, in Ute, Monona County, Iowa. I found her as a young girl, only fourteen years old, in the U.S. Census for 1870. The family was living in Union Township in Crawford County. Her father, Frank Rudd, was a farmer, and Adelia is listed as being "at home."

The 1880 Census doesn't tell us very much about Adelia. It shows that she was still at home and that she's 22 years old, but that's about it. However, the 1900 census gives us more information. For one thing, it shows that Adelia had married a man named William Bybee and that they had been married for 18 years. That means her marriage must have taken place around the year 1882. The census also states that Adelia had had 10 children by that time and that six of them were still living. Only four children are listed in the 1900 census, so apparently the other two were out on their own.

The U.S. Census for 1910 shows some major changes in the family. Adelia Bybee was then a widow living in Hartington, Cedar County, Nebraska. William Bybee had died in 1908. Only one son, Harry, was still at home.

More changes were revealed by the Census of 1920. By then Adelia had married John Edwards and they were living in Dow City. I have no way of knowing how John and Adelia first met each other, but I do know that John Edwards's oldest son, Wallace, married Rose Updike. And I know that the Updike family owned land close to Ute, in Monona County, where Adelia was born. So, I have a feeling that John Edwards may have been acquainted with Adelia from those earlier times. In any event, both of them had lost their spouses by the time of their marriage in 1913.

They spent just over eighteen years together until John Edwards's death on May 3, 1931. Adelia lived on until February 28, 1942. She's also buried in the Dow City Cemetery, just a short distance from John and Sarah.

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