Edna Myrtle Edwards

Edna Myrtle Edwards

BORN: November 25, 1893, in Crawford County, Iowa

DIED: April 6, 1969, in Ida Grove, Ida County, Iowa

AGED: 75 years, 4 months

BURIED: Dow City Cemetery, Dow City, Crawford County, Iowa


FATHER: Wallace Edwards born April 27, 1871, in Sanilac County, Michigan

MOTHER: Rose Alice Updike born May 22, 1872, in Bloomfield Twp., Polk County, Iowa


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MARRIAGE: to Thomas W. McCollough on May 1, 1912, in Denison, Crawford County, Iowa


1. Premature infant died at birth or shortly thereafter. Born on August 17, 1915, in Dow City, Crawford County, Iowa. No sex given. Burial on August 18, 1915, at the Dow City Cemetery, Dow City, Crawford County, Iowa

2. Donovan Edward McCollough born October 22, 1917, in Dow City, Crawford County, Iowa


Myrtle was the oldest child of Wallace and Rose Edwards. She married Tom McCullough in 1912 and lived most of her married life in Dow City and, later, in Holstein.

For many years, Tom ran a garage in Dow City. When Tom got a job managing the Holstein, Iowa, electric plant, Myrtle was reluctant to move. They rented their home in Holstein and, although Myrtle remained uninvolved in in the larger community, she became friends with many people -- especially her neighbors, the Breyfogles.

Although small, Myrtle's home had a slightly Victorian feel. She used doilies and antimacassars on easy chairs, had intricate, floral-patterned wallpaper,  and liked to display memorabilia of all kinds. She especially enjoyed having lots of photographs sitting on her tables and shelves.  Most were of relatives like her nieces and nephews and (in time) their families. In the front door, an oval shaped window added a final, old-fashioned touch.

After the death of Wallace, Rose Edwards came to live with Myrtle  and Tom and thereafter, in a sense, their home became the heart of the extended Edwards family: a place where all the brothers and sisters and their families were always welcome. Many relatives at one time or another -- as events dictated -- stayed with Tom and Myrtle for longer periods of time.

Myrtle liked to read. She belonged to Book-of-the-Month club and subscribed to many magazines and local newspapers.  She collected recipes which she clipped and dropped into an enormous wicker basket that sat beside her chair in the living room.

She and Tom had a  big garden -- as everyone did in those days. She was a good cook. Myrtle liked animals and had a large boxer dog, named Butch, and a yellow canary in a living room cage. Lots of bird feeders and birdbaths filled the backyard.

Tom and Myrtle were night people. It wasn't unusual for everyone to gather for a second evening meal around ten at night, just before bedtime. Often Myrtle didn't retire until well after midnight.

Myrtle and Tom had one son, Donavon, who suffered uncomplainingly for years with rheumatoid arthritis, which he developed as a child. However, he never let this disability displace his good cheer and open friendliness. Donavon eventually became the Ida County treasurer and was reelected term after term. He married Hazel Lorenzen in 1958. They lived in Ida Grove.

After Tom retired, they moved to Ida Grove to be near Donavon and Hazel.  Tom died in 1967, and Myrtle died two years later, in 1969.

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