Ellen Francis Updike

Ellen Francis Updike

BORN: August 10, 1867

DIED: November 27, 1899

AGED: 32 years, 3 months, 17 days

BURIED: in Bluff Cemetery, Springdale, Washington County, Arkansas


FATHER: Adin H. Updike, born March 29, 1833, in Indiana. Died June 23, 1895 in Iowa.

MOTHER: Jane Thurston, born July 26, 1832 in Indiana. Died July 11, 1884 in Iowa.


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MARRIAGE: to Jay B. McElwain on March 8, 1885, in Charter Oak, Crawford County, Iowa

CHILDREN: four children, names and birth dates unknown.


Ellen Francis Updike married Bert McElwain's brother, Jay B. McElwain.  They had four children and moved from Crawford County, Iowa, to Arkansas. She contracted typhoid fever and died in Arkansas. Ellen is buried in Bluff Cemetery, Springdale, Washington County, Arkansas. After Ellen's death, Jay moved the family back to Moorhead, Monona County, Iowa.

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