Fred Jondall

Fred Jondall

BORN: June 21, 1897, in Ruthven, Palo Alto County, Iowa.

DIED: December 26, 1971, in Ames, Story County, Iowa.

AGED: 74 years, 6 months, 5 days

BURIED: Ames Municipal Cemetery, Ames, Story County, Iowa.


FATHER: Lars Larson Jondall born March 8, 1848, in Norway

MOTHER: Elizabeth Togersdatter Sabae born February 10, 1855, in Norway


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MARRIAGE 1: to Louise Stangeland on April 16, 1927, in Ames, Story County, Iowa.


1. Betty Ann Jondall born November 5, 1928. I'm not sure where Betty Ann was born, because there is no record of her birth in the Story County Recorder’s office.

MARRIAGE 2: to Hazel Fern Evans, after Louise's death in 1931.



Fred Jondall was the next to last child born to Lars and Elizabeth Jondall. He came into the world on June 21, 1897, in Ruthven, Palo Alto County, Iowa. As a young man, he did farm work and other laboring jobs. On April 16, 1927, he married Louise Strangeland in Ames, Iowa. They had one child, Elizabeth (Betty Ann) Jondall, who was born on November 5, 1928. Louise wasn't in good health and she died in year 1931. Fred subsequently married Hazel Fern Evans.

I remember my mother saying that Fred worked at the Iowa State College heating plant. In Ames he lived at 1003 Marston Avenue, just north of Roosevelt School. On rare occasions, I remember going over to his house after school and waiting for Mom to pick me up. After Hazel died, he moved to Boone, Iowa. At one time, Fred's brother, Louis, also lived with him in Boone.

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