Inger Patrea Peterson

Inger Patrea Peterson

BORN: November 25, 1832, in Voer, Hjorring, Denmark.

DIED: March 16, 1924, in Palo Alto County, Iowa.

AGED: 91 years, 3 months, 19 days.

BURIED: St. Paul’s Lutheran Cemetery, Walnut Township, Palo Alto County, Iowa


FATHER: Peder Madsen

MOTHER: Ane Jensdr


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MARRIAGE: to Christen Larsen on October 26, 1863, in Albaek, Hjorring, Denmark


1. Ane Johanne Larsen born November 27, 1859, in Albaek, Hjorring, Denmark

2. Ane Marie Larsen born April 19, 1861, in Albaek, Hjorring, Denmark

3. Christine Larsen born February 2, 1864, in Albaek, Hjorring, Denmark

4. Larsina Larsen born June 11, 1866, in Albaek, Hjorring, Denmark

5. James Peter Larsen born October 7, 1872, in Sieby, Hjorring, Denmark

6. James Christian Larsen born May 2, 1874, in Sieby, Hjorring, Denmark


Inger Patrea Peterson was born in Denmark on November 25, 1832. She married Christen Larson on October 26, 1859. Christen moved to the U.S. in 1881, but Inger remained in Denmark for two more years, before joining her husband on the farm that he bought in Emmetsburg Township, Palo Alto County, Iowa.

Inger apparently never liked the U.S. My mother told us that she wouldn't learn the English language, and she would only answer the grandchildren if they talked to her in Danish. She smoked a pipe and sat in a small rocker that had no padding.

After Christen died in 1902, Inger made out her will. In it, she left the farm to her two sons, James Peter Larson (J.P.) and James Christian Larson (Chris). My grandfather, J.P., seemed to take over most of the farming operation, while his brother wasn't as active in the day-to-day work.

As Inger got older, she suffered from dememtia. At that time an older sister, Larsina Larson, and Chris tried to get the farm away from J.P. by having Inger make out a second will. In it, they claimed that because J.P. wasn't a good farmer, a second will had been made out that left the farm just to Chris Larson. J.P. filed a challenge to the will, and the court eventually decided in his favor, holding that Inger wasn't of sound mind when Larsina and Chris had her sign the second will. Larsina withdrew as the executrix of the will and Chris never made an objection, so the original will remained in effect. Apparently no one had hard feelings over the court action, because Chris is shown living on the farm in later census years.

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