John Edwards Jr.

BORN: June 2, 1877, in Crawford County, Iowa

DIED: June 8, 1935, in Paradise Twp., Crawford County, Iowa

AGED: 58 years, 6 days

BURIED: Dow City Cemetery, Dow City, Crawford County, Iowa


FATHER: John Edwards born September 18, 1848, in Lobo, Ontario, Canada

MOTHER: Sarah Provoast born April 3, 1850, in Michigan


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MARRIAGE: to Ella Hattery on September 23, 1896, in Denison, Crawford County, Iowa


1. Alma L. Edwards born June 1897

2. Alfred Leroy Edwards born September 28, 1898, died 1970

3. Elton Elias Edwards born November 22, 1900

4. May F. Edwards born October 31, 1902


John Edwards Junior was born on June 2, 1877 in Crawford County, Iowa. He was the second of only two sons of John and Sarah Edwards that survived. All their other siblings died. I don't know too much about John Jr. except from what my father told my brother and from what I can learn from the census tables. He spent most of his life at laboring jobs and doing farm work. He wasn't in very good health. Apparently he suffered from what was called Bright's Disease.

John married a woman named Ella Hattery on September 23, 1896 in Denison, Crawford County, Iowa. John and Ella’s marriage wasn't a good one. It ended in divorce on May 7, 1903. He sued her for divorce on the grounds that she wasn’t a “fit” mother, and that she had committed adultery. She apparently never entered a plea to defend herself, and she never showed up in court; so the judge decided in his favor. He got custody of their four children and divorced her.

John Edwards Jr. died on June 8, 1935, at the early age of only 58 years. He's buried in the municipal cemetery located on a hill just west of Dow City, in Crawford County, Iowa.

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