Mae F. Edwards

BORN: about 1903

DIED: Unknown

AGED: Unknown

BURIED: Pleasant Hill Cemetery, Dunlap, Crawford County, Iowa


FATHER: John Edwards Jr. born June 2, 1877, in Crawford County, Iowa

MOTHER: Ella Hattery born about 1879 in Deloit, Milford Township, Crawford County, Iowa


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MARRIAGE 1: to Robert L. Johnson, on March 26, 1919, in Crawford County, Iowa. There was either a divorce or perhaps Robert died. In either case, Mae remarried in 1923.


1. Virginia M. Johnson born about 1920.

MARRIAGE 2: to Raymond Davie on October 20, 1923, in Nevada, Story County, Iowa.


1. Marcella F. Davie born about 1925.

2. William A. Davie born about 1927.


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