Joseph Morris Wilson

Joseph Morris Wilson

BORN: February 11, 1904, in Mexico, Audrain County, Missouri

DIED: June 4, 1969, in Davenport, Scott County, Iowa

AGED: 65 years, 3 months

BURIED: Dow City Cemetery, Dow City, Crawford County, Iowa


FATHER: George Washington Wilson born in Missouri

MOTHER: Emma Wilson born in Ohio


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MARRIAGE: to Dorothy Lois Edwards on September 8, 1929, in Denison, Crawford County, Iowa


1. Marold Don Wilson born March 5, 1931. Died February 1997.

2. Marcene Lois Wilson born June 2, 1933, in Kansas City, Missouri

3. Loretta Sue Wilson born January 10, 1938

4. Larry Wayne Wilson born August 8, 1941

5. Sharon Kay Wilson born August 29, 1944. Died May 5, 1997, in Chicago, Cook County, Illinois.

6. Richard Alan Wilson born April 27, 1950, in Cherokee, Cherokee County, Iowa


Joseph Morris Wilson was born on February 11, 1904, in Mexico, Audrain County, Missouri. He was the seventh child in a family that would eventually have ten children. By the time of the U.S. Census for 1910, Joseph was five years of age, and the family had moved to Montevallo Township in Vernon County, Missouri. Ten years later, he was fifteen years of age and listed under the name of Morris, which is what everyone called him. By that time the family had moved to Dover Township in the same county.

Some years after that, he moved to Crawford County, Iowa, where he met Dorothy Lois Wilson, who was my Dad's fraternal twin. Dorothy and Morris eventually fell in love and were married on September 8, 1929, in Denison, Crawford County, Iowa.

Morris Wilson was a fairly tall man as I recall. He was probably over six feet in height. He was always slender in build. He loved to fish, and he chewed tobacco. He also had a wonderful sense of humor. I remember him saying that he caught fish because he spit Copenhagen on the bait. When he didn't have much luck fishing, he would say, "I didn't catch enough fish to sink up a frying pan."

Morris was also a very generous man. My dad always said that Morris had a heart the size of a watermelon. My Dad lived with Dorothy and Morris for a time when their family was staying in Kansas City. He said that they always had a good time and that he always felt welcome in their home.

Morris worked at many different jobs. When I was a boy, I remember that Morris worked at the Farmers' Coop Elevator in Holstein, Iowa. He also did some farming in the same area. Later on the family moved to Davenport, Iowa, and Morris worked for Bendix. If I remember correctly, he was a spray painter.

Joseph Morris Wilson died on June 4, 1969, in an industrial accident. He's buried in the municipal cemetery in Dow City, Iowa.

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